Epson Cartridges: More Convenience And Savings

epson-logoOver the past few years, Epson inkjet printers and multifunction devices have gained a significantly part of the market. Today, home inkjet printers are actively used for printing school essays and study projects, materials from the Internet and other documents. Inkjet printer has also become an essential tool for photo enthusiasts allowing to supplement or completely replace the photolab. Fast, reliable and adapted for printing on plain paper business inkjet MFPs do not only print, but also scan, copy and send faxes.

Each category of inkjet printers and MFP users has different requirements for functionality, speed and design, as well as various volumes of printing. Yet, all users want printing to be as cost-effective as it gets.

Taking into account the different needs of users in the print volume, as well as the growing importance of cost-effective printing, Epson offers in 2010 a new system of marking cartridges Epson inkjet printers and MFP:


M – standard capacity cartridges are available for those who print a few times a month or less. The ideal solution for low volume printing.


L – High capacity toner cartridges for those who print often enough, for example, every week. A balanced solution for regular work with printers.


XL – cartridges extra-high capacity for those who print frequently and in large volumes. A unique opportunity to save on a constant work with a printer or MFP.

The new labeling is available for all new Epson Stylus and Epson Stylus Office printers and MFP released on the market in 2010.

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