Casio Released a Printer Designed For Printing On Optical Media Only

Casio launched a new printer designed exclusively for printing on various kinds of optical drives: CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, etc. The cost of new item is estimated at $130.

The appearance the printer resembles rather a typewriter than a regular printer. The main body of the device holds a QWERTY keyboard to enter inscriptions, and a small LCD display. It is reported that the process of printing on discs is simple and completely harmless to the recorded data media.

The printer can weite to discs up to 16 lines of text, the resolution of the device is 200 dpi. The built-in memory of the printer contains five fonts and 650 symbols. If necessary, the memory can be extended by special software supplied. In addition, the kit includes a black ribbon, which is sufficient to print labels on 50 disks. The printer is powered by a AA battery and from AC.

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