Lego felt tip 110: New Dawn For Inkjet Printing

Those craftsmen making real working things out of Lego bricks just don’t stop. Recently, the collection of unusual gadgets has been supplemented by two new models.

The first sample is a circular saw, which case is made of plastic part of the well-known construction kit, while the disc is real with edge blunted for the safety reasons. Upon touching the disk, the rotation of the stops instantly. The authors of this masterpiece, well-known among with Lego fans, are Dave and John Xandegar from briXwerX Studio. On their personal page you can find many other interesting ideas.

Circular saw is good, but what’s the use of the device, if it does saw anyway? Much more interesting is another member of things-made-of-Lego family. It took whole three weeks (the assembly was conducted in the evenings after work), a large number of blocks design, four motors, sensors and prototyping board with a USB-interface for someone nicknamed squirrelfantasy to create this device. You can learn what this enthusiast has made, by looking the video below.

It is known from technical characteristics that the driver for the printer was written by the author, and the printing resolution, in his own words, is about 75 dots per inch. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find out which markers are compatible with the printer, and which aren’t.

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