Xerox Ranked No. 1 In Computer Industry

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According to annual research of FORTUNE magazine in the field of business reputation, Xerox was named the most admired company in computer industry in 2008. Xerox hit the top from its 5th position it hold previous year.

FORTUNE magazine in association with Hay Group consulting firm have surveyed CEOs, directors and analysts of several organization to assess 1400 companies for such criteria as innovation, long-term investment and global competitiveness. Xerox has been ranked No. 1 in computer industry for the use of corporate assets, quality of management and social responsibility.

Xerox is most admired company in computer industry
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Anne Mulcahy, CEO and Chairman of Board, Xerox, says it is the team, the brand and the innovation being the most valuable assets that the company was ranked so high. She also noted that Xerox invests heavily into these resources, develops them, and is aware that every company employee contributes to the reputation of the company on the market.

“We are tremendously proud to receive such an assessment from the business community. It reflects Xerox’s old traditions of providing high quality services, developing global technologies and responsibility for the employees and the society”, adds Anne Mulcahy. “It is also important that recognition of Xerox as the most admired company in the industry raises the bar in our future work.”

“A company that effectively works and keeps its good name for 75 consequent years, in times of stability and in times economic slowdowns, is respected a lot more than a company that succeeded during economic boom.” And there are grounds for that”, says Geoff Colvin, chief editor of FORTUNE, in his review of the survey. “The harder a reputation is earned, the more valuable it is.”

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