3D Prototyping With Paper and Glue

Mcor Matrix have made 3D printing a great dal more affordable in terms of costs and materials. The new 3D printer called the Matrix takes standard sheets of printer paper (A4 size) and deposits regular old PVA glue in a pattern determined by the design. Another sheet of paper is added, and a tungsten carbide blade cuts away the excess paper.

Using paper also allows the Matrix’s models to be fashioned with a blade, rather than a laser, which also keeps costs down. After the models come out, they can be sanded, painted and finished just like they were made of wood.

The machine should be available soon, but the price of the units is undecided. Whatever they cost, though, the inverted business model of the company is refreshing. Instead of the scam operated by the 2D printer industry, where the printer is almost free but the ink costs more than unicorn sweat, the Matrix runs on glue and paper, two cheap commodity items. Even a hefty up-front investment will appear cheap after enough time.

Here’s what the printer can do with paper and glue:

3d printed paper objects

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