How to Identify Genuine HP Ink Cartridges

When your printer is out of ink, the problem of replacement cartridges arises. Today’s printer ink market offers you original, compatible, remanufactured, refilled, etc. cartridges to replenish your stock of ink. Every option has its pros and cons, but if you choose to buy original cartridges, make sure the quality you get is worth the money.

Remember, the cartridges are responsible for 90% of the printouts quality regardless the type of printing – matrix, inkjet or laser.

The thing is, along with original cartridges (produced by a company for own printers) and compatible cartridge (produced or remanufactured by third-party companies) there are counterfeit cartridges produced by some backstreet companies in conditions far from those on a factory.

Counterfeit cartridges are one of the most hazardous types of consumables as they affect both customers and manufacturers. Many people confuse counterfeit cartridges with compatible ones. That makes them think there’s no difference between original and compatible cartridges, but this is one.

From this article you will learn how to identify the original HP cartridges.

Identifying original HP inkjet cartridges

Protecting its production from forgery has always been a primary task for any large company. Large volumes of the counterfeit on the market has always caused financial loses to original equipment manufacturers. This is why a struggle for making the production forgery-proof has become a strategy. Started from early 2008, HP inkjet cartridges have been protected in several ways:

1. Genuine label

The genuine labels change their color when viewed at different angles:

Modern HP holograms are dark blue. However, there are few old specimens as shown on the photo below. In both cases, the cartridges are genuine, no reason to worry about printing quality.

For inkjet cartridges, the label is located on the tear-off side of the package. But don’t be surprised to see holograms located in different places on black and color cartridges for same printer. Some models of inkjet consumables have a two-color label located in upper corner of the package. This spot is reserved for them during package production. The example of such label placement is the HP 131 cartridge:

2. Date difference

Holographic stickers on package is not the only thing that marks original cartridges. Another important means of protection is difference between dates on the package and the cartridge. The marking on the 56 cartridge package says: “install before January, 2008.” The markings on the cartridges read “June, 2008.” The dates difference is allowed 6 month. This is a warranty period for user to install and use the cartridge. The package carries the initial date, while the cartridge has the deadline on it. However, the date difference can be increased or decreased by two months, but not more.

We are done with inkjet cartridges, next time you will learn how to identify genuine HP toner cartridges.

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