New Coder Printer Reduces Solvent Consumption

Linx Printing Technologies has launched a new model in its acclaimed Linx 6900 Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer range, which is capable of reducing solvent usage by up to 40%, delivering additional cost of ownership savings while still maintaining excellent reliability.

The Linx 6900 Solver is the first printer to ‘think as it inks’. Using a new ink system and specially created intelligent software, the coder adapts to specific printing conditions by reducing solvent evaporation within the system and, adjusting its operation according to the requirements of the code that is being printed.

This dynamic operation is designed to be the most reliable solvent saving technique. Of the more traditional systems currently available, the ‘condense and recycle’ method can affect the quality of the ink while the ‘pulsed suction’ process can allow ink to build up in the printhead, which could mean more regular printhead cleaning and increased downtime.

Linx says the new model will be of particular interest to large-scale users of CIJ technology, who are printing 24/7. “The standard Linx 6900 already delivers the lowest cost of ownership in the market today,” explains Rajiv Narayan, Product Manager at Linx. “Nevertheless, we have recognised that for those manufacturers who are continuously running multiple printers, solvent costs can soon add up and this is where the Linx 6900 Solver can give the greatest savings.”

In addition to its 40% solvent saving, the Linx 6900 Solver printer maintains all of the established functionality of the standard model: five line printing at speeds of up to 8.4m/s, an intuitive color user interface with WYSIWYG display and menu system, low-maintenance operation and an attractive curved appearance.

The new model also continues Linx’s reputation for pioneering new product development. The company was the first to develop full printhead autoflush at shutdown and auto power-down and the first to introduce a WYSIWYG display.

“Customer feedback consistently highlights the importance of cost of ownership,” says Rajiv Narayan.
“The Linx 6900 Solver is another example of how we are continuously focusing on ways to minimise running costs while still ensuring consistent long-term reliability from our coders.”


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