History of Printing

Do you think history of printing starts with invention of the laser printer? Wrong. The printing press? Wrong again. The history of printing takes off well before our era.

The first known example of printing — the so-called Phaistos Disc — was found on the Greek Island of Crete. Most scientists believe that it was used as one of the earliest forms of a printing “press” dated 1800-1400 BC. This is 3800 years ago.

If you are interested in how was the printing technology developing up to the 21th century, you will learn that from an article title “The History Of Print: From Phaistos To 3D.” The story will take you from ancient Phaistos Disc to tomorrow’s (actually they exist today, but not widely spread) three-dimensional printers. Illustrations and videos are supplied.

This is a recommended reading to the history of laser printers.

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