Connecting A Printer to A Wireless Computer Network

To continue the subject of connecting a printer to several computers, it’s worth to notice there may be another type of connection – wireless.

Let’s suppose you have a wireless network running in your home or office and you need to get a new printer up and running.

One way to do so is to connect the printer through a cable to one of computers and share the printer over the network. Don’t forget to install the printer drivers on the computers.

Alternatively, you can go completely without cables and connect the printer wirelessly. The way is more suitable in a space-sensitive room, and you are not dependant on the spare place on the table. Besides, you can put the printer in a place more convenient for people to reach.

To connect printer wirelessly you will need what is called print server. It’s a gadget that plugs into printer’s interface port. Again, the print server can be of two types—USB and parallel:

As a dedicated device, print server requires drives to be installed and configured. The actual settings may vary and depend on the device model.

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