Ford Puts Printer On Wheels

Don’t take it directly, it’s merely a figure of speech. Nonetheless, Ford is indeed an unexpected name to hear in printer news, isn’t it? What the company actually did was adding some functionallity to some of its cars.

This high-tech add-on to its F-Series pickup trucks designed to help construction workers and other contractors manage tool inventories and work more efficiently from job sites.

Named “Ford Work Solutions,” the system allows orginize into computer database and keep track of used tools. Another feature allows the driver to select a job to complete and watch the computer instruct which tools are necessary.

The in-dash screen can also access the Internet and track locations of work crews so a company manager can get a worker to an emergency job faster. The system can also access office computers remotely, allowing workers to access files, blueprints or manuals from a job site that may have been left behind. The computer boasts broadband capability, two gigs of memory and a USB port.

Now the main part of this news: optional accessories include a wireless mouse, keyboard and – ta-da! – a printer. Some say it’s going to be a laser, other say it’s an inkjet printer.

What company do you think is going to supply printers for Ford trucks? I bet on Lexmark.


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