Laser Printers Are Hazardous in Europe Too

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (KTL) said in a statement Thursday that its study had concluded that laser printers emitted ultrafine particles during use. It seems the particle emission results from toner processing during printing.

KTL added that while the health impact of the printer emission had yet to be established, it was advisable to make sure office ventilation systems functioned properly.

There is however no reason to make special arrangements as normal, sound ventilation is sufficient,” said Timo Tuomi, the head of the study.

KTL tested four common makes and models under laboratory conditions and discovered that the test chamber’s fine particle level rose considerably during the printing of 200 sheets.

The institute said the study had identified neither the origin nor composition of the particles and added that further studies were needed.

This study follows ones carried out by the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and by the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Canada. Both previous studies concluded that the particle emissions of laser printers were comparable to those from cigarette smoke.

Another study and same vague results that “require further investigation.” I think they should publish finale results that don’t need any refinement.

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