Technology Predictions

I expect color lasers to finally diverge into two species, the pukka industrial grade kit and then a huge gap with nothing until you get to the home kit, poor build quality, inkjet model sales, refill toners will cost more than the new printer, major arms race escalation in both laser and inkjet refill vs. proprietary product market, not just one chip, but several interleaved and interlocked systems that present so much hassle 99% of users will simply buy approved OEM refills.

This is giving technology predictions for upcoming year of 2008.

I prey these predictions, specifically in part of printer cartridges, will never come true neither in 2008 nor in subsequent years. However, taking into account the facts that currently major printer brands are winning legal war in printer aftermarket and that amount of printed pages is forecast to increase, such a course of events seems quite possible.

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