New Printer Smells Like a Rose

Did you even wonder what printing pages feel like? They are warm from fuser heat and smell like… well, they, probably, smell of just fused toner. Boring, right? Now imagine if a page you got took from printer gives off fragrances of lavender or roses. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet a perfumed printer.

Sagem Communication makes its effort to improve the workplace atmosphere and presents a new concept in office aromatherapy: the Zen Cube. The cube attaches to the machine’s ventilation slots and diffuses a perfume specially developed by aroma therapists:

“The perfume is diffused upon each printing (or receiving of a fax), with the activation of the ventilation system. The warm air (27° C) expelled by the machine slowly and steadily diffuses the perfume in the office via the Zen Cube, thereby creating a new workplace atmosphere.”

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