OKI Expects Businesses To Print More

Whether we want it or not, technological advancements change our life, and we often forecast how upcoming discoveries would affect it. Just like voice recognition would make typing obsolete or a digital workplace would eliminate the need for paper.

The rumors of totally paperless office future have been around for quite a long time, however, it doesn’t seem like such thing is coming any soon. In its “Future of Printing Survey”, OKI Printing Solutions interviewed 700 IT professionals nationwide, and discovered that they expect printing same amount or even more in the future, because they find it an important part of their job.

Here are the highlights of the survey:

90% of respondents consider their business printer to be indispensable or important, while only 1% consider their business printer to be not at all important

78% of respondents expect to print about the same amount or more often in the future as they do today

78% of respondents still prefer to review printed documents, whether in combination with reviewing on-screen or alone

Hard copy of a document is still considered something more trustful compared to electronic file read from the screen.

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