Month: March 2016

March 29, 2016 • printer security

Hacker Attacks Via University Printers

Recently, a computer hacker has claimed responsibility for sending anti-Semitic fliers to networked printers at different universities all over the country. This coordinated cyberattack has included the University of Maryland and Princeton, academic departments and administrative offices at schools in Illinois, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland.

March 22, 2016 • 3D printing technology

3D-printed Pills

“Once it’s started, it’s hard to stop”,—one can say about the implementing of the 3D printing technology to all the spheres of a modern everyday life. Producers of medical pills have turned their attention to the possibility of printing pills on the 3D printers. The method has already been tested and the production of pills… Continue reading 3D-printed Pills

March 15, 2016 • cartridges HP inkjet printer

HP Printers Will Have New Proprietary Ink Cartridges

HP has decided to use a proprietary form of ink in its office printers, as the company has used them already in industrial printing machines. The innovation will be implemented in a row of HP printer series (PageWide and OfficeJet Pro) and will provide faster and higher-quality printing under lower per-page printing costs. New HP… Continue reading HP Printers Will Have New Proprietary Ink Cartridges

March 8, 2016 • 3D printing

Best-matched 3D printers to get an interest of lost-in-iPad kid

Nowadays children prefer cool gadgets to playing in the outside and especially to spending time with their parents. But the situation could be changed with the new releases of earlier costly 3D printers under the price of $400. The Printrbot Play, New Matter MOD-t and XYZPrinting da Vinci Jr. 1.0W are now more accessible, could… Continue reading Best-matched 3D printers to get an interest of lost-in-iPad kid

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