Month: May 2010

May 28, 2010 • 3D printing technology

BFB 3000 Panther: 3D-color Printer For Less Than $4000

Ability to obtain three-dimensional objects using the printing device is no longer something exotic. In particular, this technology is used in the design and manufacture of prototypes and casting models. However, for the mass market the technology is virtually inaccessible because of the high cost of three-dimensional printers and consumables, although prices have been declining.… Continue reading BFB 3000 Panther: 3D-color Printer For Less Than $4000

May 18, 2010 • laser printer Samsung

Samsung Introduces New Compact Laser Printers With Intuitive Controls

Samsung Electronics introduces two new models of monochrome laser printers. Samsung ML-1660 and ML-1665 are equipped with a wide range of functions intended to simplify the management of printing. For example, through Print Screen button, users can in one touch print out what is currently displayed on the screen. Both printers are supplied with special… Continue reading Samsung Introduces New Compact Laser Printers With Intuitive Controls

May 11, 2010 • 3D HP printer

HP Introduced Own 3D Printer

Earlier this year, Hewlett-Packard Company entered the market of 3D-printers by making a cooperation agreement with the Stratasys, and in May the first product of joint work of engineers of the two companies — Printer Designjet 3D — will be available on the markets of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The printer… Continue reading HP Introduced Own 3D Printer

May 7, 2010 • laser multifunction Xerox

Xerox WorkCentre 6400: Fast And Easy MFP

Xerox has announced sales of color WorkCentre 6400 MFP for small and medium workgroups. MFP is capable of simultaneously scanning, printing, copying and faxing to work with. WorkCentre 6400 is distinguished by its parallel multitasking – the device can simultaneously perform all functions. This allows you to save you time users, who no longer need… Continue reading Xerox WorkCentre 6400: Fast And Easy MFP

May 5, 2010 • printing technology

Three-dimensional Printer Creates Ice Sculptures

Previously, different materials were used for printing on 3D-printer: glass, organics, synthetic fibers, and more. Now students from McGill University in Canada have been able to apply the most common liquid on Earth: water. They modified a relatively old Fab@Home Model 1, having replaced the extruder with liquid feed system. To prove the efficiency of… Continue reading Three-dimensional Printer Creates Ice Sculptures

May 3, 2010 • multifunction solid ink Xerox

New Xerox ColorQube Multifunctions

Xerox has recently introduced new multifunction devices: ColorQube: 9201, 9202 and 9203. The ColorQube printers are built on the Solid Ink Technology that makes non-liquid wax-like ink in from of small bricks. The production technology of such consumables is simple, and the bricks’ compactness reduces transporting and storage costs, which results the printing costs being… Continue reading New Xerox ColorQube Multifunctions

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